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Pipedream Turns 40 Years Young!

Wow, our super sleek and eco-friendly Ceramix Pleasure Pottery sure does look as great as they feel on this month’s cover of XBIZ Premiere! Inside, CEO Nick Orlandino celebrates our 40th anniversary, reminiscing about his start with the company in 1992 at just 23-years-old.

CEO Nick Orlandino accepts our recent StorErotica Special Focus Award for Pipedream Extreme Toyz, ANME July 2013.

When I walked in here we had seven employees, now we operate on 150,000 square feet and have 250 employees… [and we're] distributed in 110 countries… We’re celebrating our 40th year and letting people know that we’re going to keep growing continuously, globally… We’re preparing to make a major announcement in September. We will be making some changes at Pipedream that will really push us to the next level.

No. 40 is a top seller within the entire Icicles collection.

Check out the article in its entirety below, along with rave reviews of our Icicles No. 40Le Réve Silicone Posable, Fetish Fantasy Extreme Vibrating Pussy Pump, and Pump Worx Mega-VAC Power Pump!

Have you ever looked at a sex toy and thought, “Hm, I wonder where I can display this in the house. It looks like a piece of art!” -Lucy Vonne

I’ve never had a partner whose whole mouth could suck in all my girly bits to the point of enlargement the way the Pussy Pump can… It vibrates too? I don’t know if I can take it! -Kim Airs

…the Mega-VAC Power Pump from Pipedream Products is the straight dope… So much sucking power I was able to throw on some shorts and go check my mailbox! -Brian Street Team

The digital edition of August’s XBIZ Premiere is now available on the magazine’s web site.

To learn more about Pipedream’s history or products, hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts!

FAQ: Lover’s Colossal Collection — What the hell is all that?!

Our Lover’s Colossal Collection is the most comprehensive pleasure kit on the market! But you may be wondering — what do I do with all of it?! Never fear! The Sexperts are here to break it down for ya.

01. Feather Teaser

02. Erotic Dice

03. Male Enhancement Spray

  • Spray on and rub into the penis about 20 minutes prior to activity.

04. Warming Massage Lotion

  • Not intended for internal use.

05. Bubble Bath

06. Penis Extender

07. Quick Release Cock Ring

  • Use either side to stretch the ring for easy application and removal.

08. Cock Ring with Clit Stimulator

  • Place around the penis with the stimulator above the shaft.

09. Duotone Balls

  • Also known as Ben-Wa Balls. Do NOT use anally.

10. Anal Beads

11. Cock Ring and Stimulator

12. Cock rings

13. Assorted Flavored Lubes and Lotion

  • Flavored lubes are intended for oral use only. It’s not recommended for internal use. The Body Glimmer is intended for use as lotion, not for internal use.

14. Blindfold

15. Bullet Vibrator

16. Male Masturbator

17. Vibrator

18. Penis Sleeves

  • For added stimulation during intercourse.

19. Rabbit Clit Stimulator

  • Attachment for massager.

20. Penis Pump

21. Massager and Attachments

22. Personal Shaver

Still sorta lost? Hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at, or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here.

FAQ: Why Wont My Silicone Power Pump Work?


If you have one of our Silicone Power Pumps, or any type of penis pump that only has a cylinder without a donut shaped rubber ring to slide yourself in to, then this video is for you.

In it, you will learn the key difference between a traditional pump with donut and one with an open ring cylinder, like our Silicone Power Pump. It is this key element that has many men scratching their heads or pounding their fists, seemingly unable to get the pump to work.

You will see how for one type of guy the pump wont work at all, while the 2nd guy who tries the pump sees instant results, enlarging his penis the first time he uses the pump. If you haven’t purchased a pump already, this video will help you decide which type is right for you. If you already have a pump like this, now you will know how to use it properly so you can get the full benefit of it.

For more information on using a penis pump visit the pumping section of our blog.

If you have any additional questions after reviewing this video write us at:


PD3270 - Max-Precision Power Pump

If you are reading this blog it’s probably because you (or someone close to you) would like a larger penis. Today we’re going to show you how you can ADD UP TO 1-INCH TO THE LENGTH OF YOUR PENIS* the first time you use the Max-Precision Power Pump from our PUMP WORX collection.

In the video you will see a real user — who is an “average joe” like most of us men — go from 4 inches to nearly 5 on his first use of the pump. No cuts or edits, just a solid clip showing what our Max-Precision Power Pump can do, even on it’s first use!

CAUTION: The video you are about to view is #NSFW and depicts a real user enlarging his penis using our pump. This video was produced for educational purposes only.


FAQ: How to use a penis pump, the #NSFW demo video!

There is nothing wrong with wanting a bigger penis. If you are reading this, you’ve probably learned that a penis pump can help, but you could use some help putting it together correctly and showing you how it works.

Many of you have written and we have heard you!

By popular demand, we have created an instructional video to demonstrate how to put together and use a penis pump on a live model. This video also includes information on how to clean and care for the pump after you are done using it.

Our Penis Pumps 101 blog features written instructions and more information on using a penis pump for the first time.

You may also be interested in reviewing our blog post on customizing pumps to fit you better.

We hope this helps you pick and enjoy a PUMP WORX penis pump that is right for you! Feel free to contact one of our Sexperts if you have any more questions.

Customizing Pumps For Your Penis Pleasure

Photo by:

Photo by:

We get emails asking if it’s possible to customize pumps at all. You see, not everyone who uses a pump has a small penis, though they’re normally manufactured with the less endowed men in mind.

Case in point is this question from a customer, which we received earlier in the week.

I recently bought the Classix Vibrating Power Pump, and I love it, but I am having trouble getting my penis out of the sleeve without pulling the sleeve off the pump and the sleeve staying around my penis. What do you suggest to help me release from the pump smoothly with my erection still in tact?

To remove your penis without the sleeve coming off of the pump, be sure to use plenty of MOIST Lubricant, which is available in several formulas. Also use one of your hands to hole the sleeve on the pump itself and pull your body away from the pump slowly. If it’s lubricated properly and you’re holding the sleeve to the pump when you pull away with your body, your penis should come out of the pump without pulling the sleeve off of it.

We also found this review from a real life user of this very pump who had to customize it in order for his penis to fit inside of it. He says:

“However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years working with sex toys – and there is – it’s that sex toys aren’t as fragile as you might think, and they can be adapted. So I grabbed some scissors and made some… modifications.”

Once customized to fit his penis correctly, just listen to what the vibrating pump did for him:

“Normally my dick is around 7 inches when fully erect, but it was being stretched to well over 8 inches when I came inside the pump… I came like the cum was being sucked right out of me – which it was. I experienced the same thrilling panic I’d felt when I was 13, the first time I’d felt that vacuum sensation… And then the best – and most unexpected – bit happened. As my erection dropped inside the pump, I hit the valve that releases the pressure, and it brought on a secondary orgasm that produced yet more cum.”

To read his complete review and see how he got his start experimenting with household appliances to try to pump his penis, click here.

Photo by:

Photo by:

Penis Pumps 101

Different men use penis pumps for different reasons including penis enlargement, aiding in achieving better erections, erectile dysfunction, or simply for pleasure. They are also a great alternative for those who do not wish to take prescription medication to achieve an erection.

Whatever the case may be, how to use the pump is the same. Below you’ll find written instructions as well as a video* demonstrating how to use two basic types of pumps on a real penis.

*This video is #NSFW and shows a model using a pump on his penis.

Apply lubricant to your penis and the inside of the donut shaped orifice on the opening of the pump. We recommend using a water based lube such as our Moist Personal Lubricant to avoid any issues with the rubber or latex ring.

Slide your penis into the cylinder and press the base firmly against your body until you have an airtight seal. Then squeeze the bulb (hand piece) to increase air pressure inside the cylinder. This causes an increase in blood flow to the penis.

If you are new to using pumps, start SLOW. We recommend the Classix Power Pump or our new Beginner’s Power Pump. We also have a new Digital Power Pump that features an LED lit display allowing you to see the exact amount of pressure that is inside the chamber. Check it out here along the complete PUMP WORX collection.

Digital Power Pump PD3263-23

Begin pumping a little at a time, you don’t want to over pump, especially if this is your first time using one. Continue pumping until your penis is firmly erect and stop for a moment to listen to your body and make sure the pressure is comfortable to you. Using a penis pump should NEVER be painful. Look to make sure there is no unusual discoloration or veins that look like they are bulging excessively.

If things feel ok, pump a little bit more and pause to access how you are feeling again. If it is uncomfortable or painful in anyway, use the quick release air valve to release the pressure inside the cylinder.

If you are new to using pumps, its recommended to limit your pumping time to 20 minutes or less. This can be increased to about 30 minutes after you are more experienced using pumps and understand your limits.

If you are using a pump for enlarging your penis, know that pumping results are temporary and you will need to maintain a pumping ritual for up to six months to see enlargement results. Even then you will need to keep a routine going to maintain what you have achieved.

Beginner's Power Pump, purple (PD3241-12)

Beginner's Power Pump, purple (PD3241-12)

Men have reported success using penis pumps to enlarge the size of their penis by regularly pumping 3 to 4 times a week for 20 to 30 minutes. It is important to give your body recovery time between sessions. You should also be aware that the enlargement will be seen more in the girth of your penis as opposed to the length of your penis.
The only way to permanently enlarge your penis, without a regular pumping routine, is through surgery. If you experience pain when using the a penis pump, you should immediately cease use of the pump and contact your physician.

If you want to add some fun to the equation, check out some of our pump masturbators and vibrating pumps!