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The Cure for the Common New Year Resolutions

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 1.01.47 PMWhen you’re looking for the most trustworthy sex toy advice, who better to go to than the woman that spends 40 hours a week playing with them? Colleen Godin, our Event and Training Coordinator, travels the country to represent Pipedream at customer events. She also hosts hands-on training for any of our distributors and retailers to educate employees on the innovative details of our toys and keep them up to date with the next best Pipedream product.

Lose Weight. Quit smoking. Party less. Get out of debt. Be less stressed.

Ready for the onslaught of familiar, boring New Year resolutions? Keeping up with those January 1st promises isn’t easy, especially when getting from 2014 Point A to 2015 Point B involves months of pain.

Instead of torturing yourself into creating a “new you” for the new year, resolve to accomplish some sexier goals that will do more for your self-esteem, stress level, and physical health than that prematurely cancelled gym membership.

PD3978-23_041. Feel Gorgeous in the Bedroom

A positive body attitude doesn’t have to take months of sweat and dieting. All a girl needs to feel gorgeous in the nude is some bling! Start accessorizing like a goddess with the Fetish Fantasy Gold line of beginner’s BDSM accessories. Perfect for the gal who likes to mix fetish and fashion, the Collar & Leash and Gold Cuffs can even be worn as jewelry outside of the bedroom. First-timers can jump-start their collection with the Fantasy Bondage Kit. I dare you to not feel worthy of worship decked out in gold!

2. Explore Your Own Pleasure

Too many bodacious babes are missing out on the simple, exquisite pleasure of getting to know their own bodies in solo fashion. The WOW! line of feminine, luxury vibrators promises to leave you feeling like a new woman. The Wonder Wabbit is perfect for exploring your outer lady parts. A powerful Japanese motor sends intense vibrations up the twin ears to massage the clitoris and labia. Click through 7 vibration patterns until you’ve found your favorite, and plug-in this pink cutie to any USB-port to charge her up. If internal sensations sound sexier, try the rechargeable Power Wand, made of sensuous silicone and loaded with 10 different vibration options. Take charge of your orgasm this year!

3. Try Something Intimidating Yet Sexy


Earlier this year, I relayed my journey from pain wimp to shock champ in this blog, and now it’s your turn to master the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy toy line! I promise it’s not as scary as it seems. The “shock” is similar to that of a TENS unit in the medical field, and its purpose is to massage your area of choice with pleasurable muscle contractions. Start with the original Shock Therapy kit, complete with 4 adhesive pads that will transfer energy anywhere you decide to stick them. Get braver with the Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe, perfect for amping up a vaginal or anal orgasm. Once you’re the master of your domain, try my staff training favorite, the Shock Therapy Luv Gloves, and show your partner the benefits of conquering their fear of a good, old-fashioned zapping.

4. Play Dress-Up

Can’t seem to make a fast-enough transformation from your 2014 self into the sexy, bad-ass, and independent femme of 2015? Fake it until you make it! Dressing the part will make your mirror image match your attitude, and Bonnie Rotten knows exactly how to display her ability to kick ass in the bedroom all over her body. Surprise your partner (and yourself!) with a make-over from the Bonnie Rotten Collection Make-A-Porno Kit. Complete with temporary tattoos a la Bonnie, fishnet thigh-highs for her, and a penis extension to add girth and length for him (or for her, too, over a strap-on dildo) – the only thing missing is the camera to record what you choose to do with the whip, blindfold, Spit and Ass Lube, and Deep Throat Spray. Just make sure to turn off your iCloud back-up before you hit “record!”

5. Bring Something Unexpected Into Your Toy Collection


Christmas might be officially over, but the decorations haven’t been taken down yet. Before you lose that last bit of holiday cheer, consider a unique addition to your toy collection. The Icicles No. 59 is a must for any big-time Christmas decorator or fan of glass insertables. Shaped and colored like a traditional candy cane, this beautiful, borosilicate piece could stand next to any festive display without Grandma even batting an eyelash. Dip the stem into a cup of hot or cold water before play and you’ll quickly learn why glass is one of most unique, versatile materials on the toy market. If you’re anything like us delightfully perverted folks here at Pipedream, then deriving pleasure from a candy cane won’t be the most interesting occurrence in your bedroom this year. ;)

FAQ: Shock Therapy Butterfly Stimulator – Where the hell do I put this thing?!

Okay, I think we’ve covered everything you need to know about our original Shock Therapy device in Shock Therapy 101 and Shock Therapy 101, Part 2… but what about the Butterfly?! Though the guidelines are the same, here are some placement suggestions for the Shock Therapy Butterfly Stimulator featuring none other than our in-house Mega Fuck Slut, Cupcake. You really can place any Shock Therapy adhesive pads over any muscular area – they work especially well for sore or tense muscles – but you must always avoid the chest.

Need more Shock Therapy help? Hit up Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick at sabrina@pipedreamproducts.com or anonymously inquire with the Sexperts here!

Shock Therapy 101

E-Stim is an abbreviation for electro stimulation (aka electrosex) and is a sexual practice, popular in some fetish communities that involves applying electrical stimulation to the nerves of your body. Some choose to apply the e-stim to the genitals, back or extremities (arms/legs/hands/feet) before or during sex.

Electro stimulation can be dangerous if not performed properly and it is highly recommended that you consult your physician before trying it for the first time. Additionally when purchasing any e-stim product from Pipedream’s Shock Therapy line, read the included instruction and warning manual in its entirety before operating the unit.

PD3723-00 Shock Therapy Kit

Our Shock Therapy line is from the Fetish Fantasy Series and includes the Original Shock Therapy Kit as well as newer additions to the line including the Pleasure Probe, Cock Cage and Nipple Clamps.

PD3723-04 Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe

PD3723-04 Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe

PD3723-02 Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps

PD3723-02 Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps

The original Shock Therapy kit is a device used for e-stimulation / electrosex, a fetish that has been gaining popularity in the last few years. This video will give an over all demonstration for how to set the kit up and use it for the first time.

If you decide to purchase the kit and try it for yourself, you’ll want to be sure to read the included instructional pamphlet COMPLETELY before trying to operate the unit as well.

PD3723-00 Shock Therapy Kit


Our Shock Therapy e-stim devices are made with the electrosex beginner in mind. Those who are more experienced would probably want to pick up our Electro Sex Gel, which will increase the intensity of the stimulation. We also have Shock Therapy Replacement Pads when you’re ready for new ones.

PD3723-03 Shock Therapy Cock Cage

Additionally, we offer smaller Shock Therapy units that are specific to other parts of the body including the Shock Therapy Cock Cage, Pleasure Probe, and Nipple Clamps. These body part specific units can be powered by the box that comes in the original Shock Therapy Kit, but the 4 adhesive pads cannot be operated using the smaller power box with these units.

PD3723-01 Shock Therapy Replacement Pads

Demonstration videos for the original Shock Therapy Kit, the Pleasure Probe and the Cock Cage are all embedded below.

Shock Therapy Kit: FAQ & Demo Video

Shock Therapy Cock Cage FAQ & Demo Video

Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe FAQ & Demo Video